Compiling VIM

Running ubuntu 10.10 here and ubuntu repos have only vim 7.2. I’m sure there’s a ppa out there that has 7.3, but thought
that compiling vim from source would be a good exercise – plus I get to compile it with the options that I’d like
rather than relying on someone’s build.

Here’s the options that I enabled:

    CONF_OPT_PERL = --enable-perlinterp=dynamic
    CONF_OPT_PYTHON = --enable-pythoninterp
    CONF_OPT_RUBY = --enable-rubyinterp
    CONF_OPT_GUI = --enable-gui=gtk2
    CONF_OPT_FEAT = --with-features=huge
    BINDIR   = /usr/bin
    DATADIR  = /usr/share

Here’s hte other dependencies I had to install

    sudo apt-get install libperl-dev ruby-dev python-dev libgtk2.0-dev

Once you have the deps installed, just run

    sudo checkinstall


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