Blogging with Vim

So now I’m in Vim land and this is the first time I’ve gotten far enough to feel a bit comfy. Decided to dust off my blog and start at it again – what better to do it in than in VIM.

So – TA-DA – here’s the first post – courtsey VIM on ubuntu. However, as usual, it was rougher than it’s supposed to be. IN any case, I’ll forget how I got this far the next time so the next few posts will be around recording how to get VIM to post to blogs.

But before that – the first thing to to is to get the VimRepress plugin. Better if you have pathogen installed, in which case you can do

    cd .vim
    git submodule add bundle/VimRepress.git

That’s my fork on Github of which fixes a few things:

  • Makes VimRepress work properly through a proxy
  • Changes the attachment filename to a ‘.odt’ since doesn’t allow a text file attachment.

I still dont have a clue if doing this will break the plugin – but nevertheless, basic case of posting to my blog works and at this stage that seems good enough for me.

PS as you can see from this post – I’ve not yet got a hang of markdown syntax šŸ™‚

Dec 29th – PPS a couple of posts and one more tip for does <br/> for hardbreaks in the markdown text. Obviously, this doesnt leave the post looking very good. I have the following in my .vimrc to get around this

        augroup Markdown
            autocmd FileType markdown set wrap 
                                    \ linebreak
        augroup END

You will also need to have python markdown installed once you have VimRepress running.

    easy_install markdown


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