Firefox – not so obvious search

I discovered this – totally by accident.

In Firefox, you can use / (forward slash) to search for text OR links – and if its a link, then you can follow the link just by clicking Enter!  That is way cool – especially when you’re on a laptop and cant/dont have your mouse around. I’ve always find it a pain to do a “link find”  – ‘ (single quote) and a text find – ctrl-f separately…Never knew that there was a shortcut that did both and what more – its way natural if you’re used to ‘less’!!

To complete the keys for Firefox mouseless browsing,

  • space –  page down
  • shift – space – page up

One thought on “Firefox – not so obvious search

  1. Hi,

    It comes from the editor VI , one of the best editors you probably can get your hands on
    and it exists for windows and for unix.

    if you going to look at it start with VIM that is the enhanced version and you don’t need your mouse anymore…



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