Editing documents in sharepoint library in Office 2000

In” functionality is only available for Office XP and Office 2003 on
the client, however I saw this workaround from a now unknown poster and

Joel Faigin

was kind enough to confirm that it works.


“Office 2000 is not supported to edit documents within the Document Library under the “All Documents” view.

But here is a work around to get the same exact function from Office 2000 as you do in Office 2003.

This is for working with Windows 2000 and Office 2000.

1. Open your particular document library.

2. Make sure “All Documents” view is selected.

3. Check Out the file (do not open the file just check it out)

4. Click “Explorer View”

5. Open the document you checked out and then edit and save the document.

6. Now return to the “All Documents” view.

7. Check In the document, and make your selections as well as enter your comments.

8. Your changes should now be shown, as well as version history if enabled.”




One thought on “Editing documents in sharepoint library in Office 2000

  1. If you install Sharepoint Desinger 2007, which is free, Editing a Document works.

    Question is, what files enable it to work? I don’t want the full functionality of Sharepoint Designer – only for editing to work in Office 2000.

    Upgrading to a later version of Office is not an option.

    Any ideas?

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